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What Makes Paradise Putters Unique?

1. Cancel Skid

There have been recent advances in looking at how the loft on the putter face influences the roll of the ball. In our opinion, these advances haven’t gone far enough. Our solution for this involved redesigning the putter face. Our putters are milled with our Patent Pending Variable Loft Technology (VLT™) with three grooves located on the bottom of the face to generate roll suction.

2. Build Quality

How a ball rolls and feels off the face is directly impacted by the material that it is interacting with and how components are manufactured. Our putters are milled from a single block of 1025 carbon steel and the face milling depth provides just the right amount of friction to get the ball up and rolling. Our one piece construction putters do not have head cavities or hosels that are screwed and soldered.

3. Balance

Designing any club comes with the assumptions and philosophies of its designer(s). Our philosophy is that the putter must swing on an arc for the face to release properly. And, most importantly, that all the aforementioned design elements reinforce this philosophy. For the golfer that desires minimal face rotation, the putter should be able to track away from the target line without face manipulation and a deterioration of the optimal loft state. All our putters are designed to deliver the ball down the target line with optimal roll, but our s-neck putters are face balanced and release without de-lofting or up-lofting and flipping through impact.

4. Inclusion

While our putters might look like “Pro” models, we assure you that they perform equally well for Touring Professional and Weekend Warriors. This is because we have given the feel and dexterity of putting back to the hands. When a putter is balanced and the feedback off the face is consistent, you’ll notice less of a need for bulky grips and excessive head weight. We believe that everyone has feel, the challenge is to find equipment that allows you to put that innate feel to work. Much like rolling a pool ball down a table, putting is an area of the game not predicated on strength or power but instead accuracy and weight. Anyone can be a terrific putter and we intend to help you do that.

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